Miu--Egyptian Cat "Miu"
Egyptian Cat

Mui was inspired by bronze sculptures from the Ptolemaic Period 304-30 A.D. Carved by Ellen Cline and turned into a cast paper sculpture with mysterious hieroglyphs in the background. The cat is considered a protective diety in Egyptian mythology.

11" x 14"
Item # 204
Egyptian Ram

The Egyptian Ram

This image of the Ram was inspired by stone reliefs from the Late Dynasty circa 300 BC. In ancient Egypt, the Ram, an obvious symbol of fertility, was associated with the sun deity. The admiring baboons were allied with the moon. Painted to look like ancient bronze and mounted on hand made paper from Nepal, this cast paper sculpture was carved by Ellen Cline with authentic hieroglyphs in the background.

11" x 14"
# 214
Ganesh--Elephant God

Elephant God

This handmade cast paper piece is inspired from a charming sandstone sculpture from India in the Norton Simon Museum collection --Uttar Pradesh--10th Century. Ganesh, the much-loved remover of obstacles, is the son of Shiva and Parvati in Hindu mythology. Here his trunk grasps a bell, providing musical accompaniment to his lively dancing. The paper casting is mounted on binder board covered with handmade Lokta paper from Nepal.

11" x 14"
Item # 206