These two Degas Dancers are inspired by Edgar Degas' Little Dancer Aged Fourteen,
first exhibited in Paris in 1881. She caused quite a sensation because of the mixed media, with real clothes and ribbons on a wax and later a bronze, life-size sculpture.
Our dancers also have real ribbons in their hair.

Degas Dancer

Degas Dancer
11" x 14"
Item # 101

Degas Dancer Profile Degas Dancer Profile
11" x 14"
Item # 102
Spanish Dancer The Spanish Dancer is inspired by El Jaleo, a wonderful painting by John Singer Sargent in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.

Spanish Dancer
11" x 14"
Item # 103
Dionysian Dancer Dionysian Dancer
10 " x 16"
Item # 104
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