Life imitates art. Studying the classics is a pure joy. Adding my own dimensions to someone's brilliant idea gives me the illusion of being in the chain of thought about art and what it is.

Manet at Calais Manet at Calais
Manet at Calais Manet at Calais

This cast paper relief was inspired by a lovely seascape by Edouard Manet. The Port at Calais was painted in oil on canvas by him in 1868. I made a sculpture out of clay to try and capture the feel of the old port and schooner. Then I made a mold and pressed wet cotton paper pulp into it. When it dried, the piece was finished with enamel and metallic paints to give it the feel of an old bronze. The casting was then mounted on hand made paper.

Homage to Manet at Calais
12" x 16"
Item # 701

Calais in Progress
Degas Dancer Degas Dancer
11" x 14"
Item # 101