Little Iris

5" x 7"
Item # 51

Little Giraffe

5" x 7"
Item # 53

The Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) stands up to eighteen feet and can weigh as much as a ton. The head is elongated and ends in thin lips with a black prehensile tongue that can extend some twenty inches.
They can use this tongue to pluck leaves from trees, neatly avoiding thorns. Their long neck is due to an increase in the length of the vertebrae. The giraffe has a distinctive and awkward gait. They can travel faster than a horse and maintain their speed longer. They live in small herds in savannas and open woodlands in East Africa, Angola, and Zambia. They are gentle creatures and their only enemies are humans and lions.

Little Spider Monkeys

Spider Monkeys
7" x 5"
Item # 54

Spider monkeys (Genus Ateles)
are from the mountains and rain forests of Central and South America. They have an extremely flexible prehensile tail which they use like a fifth arm to move swiftly through the trees. The tail and the legs are longer than their body. Their population has declined where their habitat has been destroyed and where they are still hunted for food.

Little Elephant
7" x 5"
Item # 55
Little Rhino

7" x 5"
Item # 56

Little Floating Pelican

Floating Pelican
7" x 5"
Item # 57

Little Flying Pelican

Flying Pelican
7" x 5"
Item # 58

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